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Beware of any business claiming they do not need a certification from NHVAC, they were probably not approved by our association and are trying to justify our decision to reject their application. We are NOT like the other HVAC Contractor associations that are designed to put members of the association first and the consumers second for a membership fee. No consumer should have anything but great service from a business they are paying to work FOR them, period. If you have had a negative experience with a HVAC Contractor, please let us know by leaving a complaint on their report page.

Protecting Consumers 24/7

NHVAC works hard every day to make sure every HVAC Contractor is properly licensed and that the customer security and quality of service guidelines set forth by the National Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Association are upheld.

who we are & what we do

The National Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Association is a private organization dedicated to providing consumer protection from unlicensed and unprofessional HVAC and heating industry contractors. We also provide a platform for consumers to voice their experiences with local HVAC and heating industry companies. We fight hard each and every day to make sure consumers have a voice and that true professionals in the industry get the support they deserve.

Protecting consumers from unverified business

  • Chris Tarre Heating & Cooling
  • Air and Electrical Services
  • Jay's Heating & Cooling
  • Conditionaire Co Inc
  • Superior Mechanical Services
  • Arrow Heating and Cooling, Inc.
  • Aspen Cooling & Heating
  • Commercial Specialists Inc
  • Climate Control Technologies
  • Rudy Uttke & Sons