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Hickory Sheet Metal Co Inc

Hickory Sheet Metal Co Inc

Phone: (828) 322-3720

Address: 706 Highland Ave SE
Hickory North Carolina 28602

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Hickory Sheet Metal Co., a stalwart in the mechanical contracting realm of Hickory, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas, stands as a testament to unwavering quality and equitable pricing in HVAC services. Since its inception on February 20, 1928, by Lee J.M. Huffman, this family-run business has dedicated itself to delivering bespoke HVAC solutions, ensuring that their craftsmanship not only meets but exceeds the expectations of their clientele. The company's foundational ethos, characterized by a commitment to customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, fair pricing, and durable heating systems, has been its guiding principle across generations. Today, under the leadership of Dolan Huffman and his son Lanny Huffman, Hickory Sheet Metal Co. has broadened its service reach to encompass most of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, continually adapting to incorporate the latest HVAC technologies.What distinguishes Hickory Sheet Metal Co. from other HVAC companies is its enduring dedication to excellence and reliability, a legacy carried forward for more than 80 years. This commitment is reflected in their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, preferred contractor status with leading HVAC brands like Carrier and Trane, and affiliations with esteemed organizations such as NATE, LEED AP, ACCA, and ASHRAE. The company prides itself on a team of highly skilled, factory-trained technicians who ensure each heating and cooling service is executed with the utmost professionalism. As a full-service HVAC provider, Hickory Sheet Metal Co. offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from design-build solutions and custom HVAC services to maintenance, repairs, and installations tailored to fit the diverse needs and budgets of their residential and commercial customers. For those seeking unparalleled HVAC expertise in Hickory, NC, and beyond, Hickory Sheet Metal Co. remains the premier choice, inviting customers to experience their unmatched service firsthand.

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Hickory Sheet Metal Co Inc - Hickory North Carolina

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